A team of Osprey Project Volunteers work in concert to assist with all stages of monitoring the osprey that return to Allens Pond and the Westport River each year as well as managing nearly 100 nest platforms located along the shores. Beginning in late February, volunteers will ready the two skiffs used for the project by scraping, caulking and painting them. From April through mid-July, monitors are needed to visit each nest via skiff and report on breeding activity: incubating adults, brooding chicks, feeding young, etc. Volunteers with an interest in carpentry will complete repairs to the nest platforms in early April and again for several weeks in the fall. Each monitoring trip requires a skipper with boating experience, a data recorder, and a field monitor to climb a ladder up to the nest. Each repair trip requires a skipper with boating experience, and one or more volunteers able to operate carpentry tools and battery-powered equipment. Volunteers will be trained