Office Closure Due to COVID-19

We will continue to provide our services via phone and email. If you already have a direct contact at SMOC, please keep in touch with that SMOC staff member with any questions during this time.

Follow our Facebook account for up-to-date information about SMOC and to reach us directly. A dedicated staff is always ready to answer your questions through Facebook messaging.

For help with your questions about Children’s Services, please call:

Women Infants and Children (WIC)
Framingham 508-620-1445, Marlborough 508-481-1605, Waltham 781-642-7194

Childcare/Head Start 508-820-8380

For help with your questions on Employment and Tax Preparation Services, please call:

Workforce Development 508-620-2311

For help with your questions on Fuel Assistance and Section 8/ MRVP Housing, please call:

Fuel Assistance – 508-620-1230, (Toll Free) 800-286-6776

Section 8/ MRVP 508-620-2335

If you need financial assistance for your rent, mortgage or utilities, or wish to submit a RAFT pre-applications, click on RAFT pre-applications to submit your request electronically.

Once we receive your online pre-application, you will be contacted by one of our HCEC Representatives. All scheduled appointments are conducted over the phone by our Assessment Specialists.

For help with questions on mental health counseling, please call:

SMOC Behavioral Health (SBH) Framingham 508-879-2250, Marlborough 508-480-0092

If you are a current resident of SMOC Housing and need assistance, please call:

SMOC Housing 508-879-6691

If you are a FAMILY experiencing homelessness in Framingham, Marlborough, and MetroWest, please call:

Family Emergency Services 508-872-4853 x2171

If you are a SINGLE, UNACCOMPANIED ADULT experiencing homelessness, please call:

Common Ground Resource Center (CGRC)-Framingham, Marlborough, and MetroWest 508-620-2690

Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC)- Lowell 978-458-9888

Greater Worcester Housing Connection (GWHC)-Worcester 508-757-8331

If you are experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual assault, please call:

Voices Against Violence 508-826-8686 Or 800-593-1125

Voices Against Violence is available to chat online with survivors of sexual and domestic violence from 9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday at

For any other housing crisis, please call:

Housing Consumer Education Center 508-872-4853 x2171

If you need assistance through SMOC’s Administration and Finance, please call 508-620-2300

These phone lines will be checked every day and you will receive a call back.
You can also call 508-872-4853 to get to access any of the above services.
We will continuously update this website with the latest development.

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